Handicap Access by- Heather M. Nemec, Architect

Handicap Access
A short while ago ADA (American Disability Act) updated, and dimensions that have been standard for a while have changed. That information is available online or through design professionals.
When a new commercial building is designed, it must be handicap accessible. When a building changes use, or has a notable modification or renovation, then it is also required to become uniformly handicap accessible.
It is am an important distinction that the ENTIRE building does not need to be ADA compliant, but EVERY SERVICE OR ACTIVITY that takes place in the building must be equally accessible to all. For example, a dental office must provide facility to service a disabled CLIENT as well as provide a work area for a disabled EMPLOYEE. If it is a multi-story building that does not have an elevator or lift to the second floor, then every service or function that is on the second floor MUST be available on the main floor.
The are also exceptions for hardships in existing building that cannot be made ADA compliant without extraordinary efforts. Some property may not have enough space to build a needed ramp or lift to the entrance. In these circumstances, alternate expenditure to assist in providing service can be submitted for approval. Perhaps curb side service can be considered? Every case is different.
Remember to consider all people that need to use the building and spaces we build. The world belongs to all of us.
Heather M. Nemec, Architect
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NYSBA’s Next President Is From Niagara

NYSBA 2019-2020 President is from Niagara County

Mark your calendars for October 5th, 2018 for the Inauguration of Kristin L. Savard, PE, as the 2019-2020 New York State Builders Association President.  Kristin Savard has been a strong voice for Niagara County’s construction industry all over the state.  Her vision, tenacity, passion, and deep understanding of the industry has led her to the Presidents seat for the New York State Builders.    She’s been a past President of  NRCA and the owner of Advance Design Group in Lewiston, NY. 

She will bring our area and the entire construction industry front and center in Albany.   Kristin has been very active in our Niagara group; serving as past President, on various committees, and as a Board Director, giving a lot of her time to the causes that impact our industry.

About Kristin:

Kristin L. Savard, PE, Civil Engineer, Owner and President of Advanced Design Group Professional Engineering and Land Surveying, PC. is a native of Western New York, who returned home to Niagara County, after 12 years of living out-of-state.  Upon returning home, Kristin utilized the business management, engineering and construction experience obtained while out of state, to become co-founder of ADG in 2005 and then became President of ADG in 2008.

Kristin and her business partner Richard J. Haight, PE teamed to build ADG into a locally owned full-service Civil Engineering and Land Surveying firm that provides planning, design, engineering, surveying, and construction management services for residential, commercial and industrial developments throughout New York and the United States. ADG is certified as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) in the State of New York. Kristin takes great pride in ADG and the family-friendly company that it has become while providing high-quality, on-time, cost-effective projects.

After graduating from Clarkson University and The State University of New York at Potsdam in 1995, with Bachelors Degrees in Physics and Civil Engineering, Kristin began her career as a Project Engineer for engineering and construction firms in the New England Area. Upon her return to WNY in 2002, Kristin joined Wendel Duchscherer, in Amherst, NY before establishing Advanced Design Group. Kristin is a licensed Professional Engineer in the states of New York and Connecticut with 20+ years of experience.  

She is active in her community, where she has consulted for local Planning, Zoning and Town Boards, is a current member of the Cataract Youth Football and Cheer Board of Directors, is a Past-President of the Niagara County Builders Association, is the current Vice-President of the New York State Builders Association and will the 2019-2020 President of the New York State Builders Association.  

Kristin’s most important credentials are WIFE and MOM. She is married to Todd Savard and is the mother of three very active boys: Tyler Ryker and Maddox.  As a family, the Savards enjoy the outdoors, hunting, sports and traveling.

Kristin has proven to be a strong voice for the WNY construction community and activist for keeping the jobs and our families here!

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Network Niagara Draws Over 200

The Niagara Business Community Comes Together

Network Niagara 2018


Over 200 local businesses showed up for the Annual Network Niagara on April 11th 2018.  Our Alliance, together with over 10 other local business and professional associations hosted the event. The environment was relaxed and new connections were being made everywhere in the room.  This is proof that Niagara County is on the rise. We are positioned perfectly to grow because of the leadership in our business community.

“We’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response from the business community,” said Kristin Savard, NRCA past president and 2019 president of the New York State Builders Association. “The mission of this event is to engage with neighboring business and professional organizations within our county and find ways for us to work together and uncover opportunities for the business communities that we serve, said Savard.

Network Niagara was a vision of Kristin’s for over 5 years. She is at the forefront of our construction industry and sees a need in collaborating with other business organizations.  As she said in her speech “Look around you, these are the people who can help you reach your goals.” “…we’re in this county together and we need a united voice.”   Niagara County businesses have a tremendous resource in the local business organizations. They serve the members of their communities with advocacy, business opportunities, and access to funding.   Like us, these organizations face the same challenges of member engagement and attrition.  It’s pertinent the business community understands the importance of getting involved.

  This event really showcased the thought leadership of our county. All the co-hosts had dynamic, motivated leadership.  We were honored to stand side by side with them in this event.

On behalf of the NRCA board and it’s members, THANK YOU to our co-hosts for participating with us.  However, such success is not possible without the support of our business community.

More importantly, THANK YOU to all who attended.  We’ll be tracking the success stories coming out of the event and share them with you throughout the year.  One event can’t change everything, but it can spark change. We hope we did that.

 NRCA encourages all the attendees to get involved with their local Association or Chamber of Commerce. It’s up to us as individuals to continue the momentum.   They are there to help us learn, grow, connect and be heard!


Niagara Region Construction Alliance, Kristin Savard, Past President ksavard@adgengineers.com 716-946-2410
Niagara River Region Chamber of Commerce Jennifer Pauley President jennifer@niagarariverregion.com 716-754-9500
Chamber of Commerce of the Tonawandas Jay Ganz VP, Board of Directors jayg@veraview.com 716-713- 0225
Niagara Small Business Development Center Lynn Oswald Director oswald@niagaracc.suny.edu 716-210-2515
Niagara USA Chamber Kory Schuler Executive Director kschuler@niagarachamber.org 716-285-9142
Town of Niagara Business and Professional Association Janiene Ennis-Garcia Co-President janiene_m_ennis-garcia@keybank.com 716-402-2166
Downtown NT Merchants Association Susan Todaro downtownntmerchants@yahoo.com 716-510-6909
Lockport Business Association Kevin Sullivan Co-President Kevin.Sullivan@ampf.com 716-970-4448
Leadership Niagara Liz Zulawski CEO & President Liz@leadershipniagara.org 716-908-8787
BBB of Upstate New York Melanie McGovern Communications Director mmcgovern@upstatenybbb.org 716-558-7976
Lockport Main Street Jessica Dittly Director jessica.dittly@gmail.com 716-434-0212
Women’s Business Center Sara Vescio Executive Director vescio11@canisius.edu 716-888-8285
Jennifer Grier, Oliver Street Merchants Association 716-297-5944 ext 314 jgrier@greaterniagarafcu.com

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Help Spread Ladder Safety Awareness in March

Help Spread Ladder Safety Awareness in March

The American Ladder Institute (ALI)’s second annual National Ladder Safety Month is well underway.

All through the month of March, ALI has been promoting ladder safety by providing a number of helpful resources that everyone can use for free. The goal: Bring more attention to the dangers of improper ladder use and how easily ladder-related injuries and fatalities can be prevented with simple, straightforward training.

National Ladder Safety Month has also been featured on consumer shows: Short videos outlined the top five misuses of ladders and some suggestions on how to avoid these mistakes, including the Daytime TV video above.

“When you look at the number of ladder-related injuries and deaths that occur every year, it’s very clear why we are working to increase ladder safety awareness,” said Dave Plotner, an ALI board member and vice president of engineering at Werner Co.

“Consumers need to know that even though they may use ladders for an easy everyday task, they could be at risk of serious injury without proper training. The American Ladder Institute has a large offering of free resources to help keep you safe, and that’s what this month is all about.”

Werner Co. is the Top Cap sponsor of the 2018 National Ladder Safety Month.

Home builders, developers and remodelers are encouraged to participate in National Ladder Safety Month by taking simple steps like hanging a ladder safety checklist in their workplaces, completing ALI’s free Ladder Safety Training, viewing the Ladders 101 web page and downloading ladder safety posters from ALI’s website.

You can also read the National Ladder Safety Month marketing guide for some suggestions on how to both participate and spread the word of your participation in this important month.

Throughout the four weeks of March, ALI is placing a special focus on ladder safety by first defining the issue and then focusing on company leadership opportunities. This week, ALI focuses on the the employee, and from March 18-31  will focus on ladder inspection and disposal.

Learn more how you can participate by visiting www.laddersafetymonth.com.

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March 5th Webinar Helps Members Understand Tax Impact

March 5 Webinar Helps Members Understand Impact of Tax Reform on Their Bottom Lines

The landmark tax reform legislation that took effect Jan. 1 created significant changes in the tax code that will affect the housing industry and our small business members.

To help NAHB members understand how these changes could impact their business, NAHB is hosting a members-only webinar, Tax Reform and Your Bottom Line, at 1 p.m. ET on March 5.

The webinar will feature NAHB tax experts and outside tax counsel who will focus on the specific changes that will most directly impact small businesses, including the 20% pass-through deduction, limitations on the business interest deduction and new depreciation guidelines.

Register for the March 5 webinar at nahb.org/taxwebinar (log-in required). If you don’t know your member number to log in, contact nrcaeo@gmail.com.

If you are not able to join the webinar, a replay will be posted on nahb.org.

You can learn more about the new tax law, and NAHB’s influence during the legislative process, at nahb.org/taxreform.

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