Handicap Access by- Heather M. Nemec, Architect

Handicap Access
A short while ago ADA (American Disability Act) updated, and dimensions that have been standard for a while have changed. That information is available online or through design professionals.
When a new commercial building is designed, it must be handicap accessible. When a building changes use, or has a notable modification or renovation, then it is also required to become uniformly handicap accessible.
It is am an important distinction that the ENTIRE building does not need to be ADA compliant, but EVERY SERVICE OR ACTIVITY that takes place in the building must be equally accessible to all. For example, a dental office must provide facility to service a disabled CLIENT as well as provide a work area for a disabled EMPLOYEE. If it is a multi-story building that does not have an elevator or lift to the second floor, then every service or function that is on the second floor MUST be available on the main floor.
The are also exceptions for hardships in existing building that cannot be made ADA compliant without extraordinary efforts. Some property may not have enough space to build a needed ramp or lift to the entrance. In these circumstances, alternate expenditure to assist in providing service can be submitted for approval. Perhaps curb side service can be considered? Every case is different.
Remember to consider all people that need to use the building and spaces we build. The world belongs to all of us.
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